The Yangshuo Bike Festival

Getting to Yangshuo

We are big fans of the new bullet trains in China.
They are brilliant.
Book a train on make sure you pack super super light as  it just makes the schlep up the stairs at the stations that much easier, and we’ll pick you up.
Guilin is the closest International airport with flights from all over China as well as Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Malaysia and Korea.

From Hong Kong
Cathay Dragon flies at 2.10 pm on the Friday, and returns on the Sunday at 4.30 pm.

Trains from the South ( Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou)
Frequent bullet trains now connect Yangshuo (Yangshuo and Gongcheng Stations) with  Guangzhou( 2.5 hrs).  Trains from Shenzhen North Station connect to Guangzhou South Station in about 40 minutes. Its 30 minutes  on the Shenzhen MTR from  the Hong Kong border at Lok ma Chau to Shenzhen North Station.

There are 3 direct trains a day from Shenzhen North Station to Guilin -ideal for joining our Longji pre-festival bike trip.
These Shenzhen North – Guilin trains do not stop at Yangshuo and Gongcheng stations so its better to change trains at Guangzhou South.

From the North and East
A ten hour bullet train  departs once a day from Beijing to Guilin and one 9 hour train from Shanghai to Guilin.


Guilin airport to Yangshuo is 90 minutes minutes by private pick up.

Gongcheng Station to Yangshuo is 60 minutes.

Yangshuo station is 45 minutes.

Booking a train ticket

We use as they  are in English and accept foreign credit cards.  You can book your tickets up to 60 days in advance, and cancellation plus refunds are incredibly reasonable and easy.  This means that you can confidently book your trains, even if you are not yet sure  about the trip.

If you’re outside of mainland China, Ctrip will not deliver a paper ticket. You will need to arrive at the station forty minutes earlier to line up and redeem a paper ticket.  Sometimes if you look flustered and like you will miss your train, they will let you on the train with your e-ticket. If you like to play it safe, contact an agent such as China Merchants in Guangzhou, who can courier a ticket to you anywhere in the world.