The Yangshuo Bike Festival


Yangshuo has so many great rides that we would love to share with you!

yangshuo bike festival

Our  festival ride is intentionally easy – more about  the music and getting together on bikes in beautiful surroundings than having a work out.

If you’re a more serious cyclist and want to cover some more challenging territory in the less travelled hinterland, we are offering a pre festival bike ride in the back country around Yangshuo.
This year the ride will be from Daxu to Yangshuo – our newly researched Rivertowns ride.

Pre Festival Ride

Grade: Moderate to challenging. This ride follows the Li River  at both water level and up in the mountains looking down on the river. For less experienced riders there are a number of options to escape the big hills by putting your bike on a boat and joining the ride further down the river.

Itinerary at a glance:

Wed 24 Aug: Arrive Daxu, explore Mao Zhai Island for those arriving early,  overnight in riverside homestay, dinner on a floating barge.

Thurs 25 Aug:  Riverside ride along the New Guilin Greenway, riding and floating down true Li River to Xing Ping

Friday 26 Aug Xing Ping, Fuli, Yangshuo Back Roads Ride.

Price: 2500 RMB
As an add on to the full festival package this ride is 1900 RMB for those who book before August 1. The ride will be limited to 16 people.

Includes: Pick up, two nights accommodation, bikes, guide and meals from Wednesday night up to and including Friday lunch.

High country ride, looking down on the Li River.

High country ride, looking down on the Li River.

 Getting there:

The starting point for this trip is Daxu, 30 km by road from Guilin  International Airport or Train station.

If travelling from the South (Guangzhou or Shenzhen), train is the best option. Purchase your ticket to Guilin Station which is then only a forty minute transfer to Daxu.

Book your train rides on Ctrip. CTS Hong Kong has a very limited supply. We also have an agent in Guangzhou who can send you pear tickets for a commission.

There are three direct trains per day  from Shenzhen to Guilin, but many more if you go via Guangzhou.
Train tickets are on sale 60 days in advance. They sell out quickly, but more do come online from time to time.

There are also combination tickets that are easier to get, as well as other tricks.

Please don’t hesitate to ask for our help to book your train tickets. we have an excellent agent who knows the loopholes in this complicated system.

From Hong Kong there is one flight per day on Dragon Air to Guilin (1 hour). These are cheaper as rest urn airfares.

From Beijing:

It’s ten hours on the G529 train from Beijing (07:46 – 18:18) to Guilin . Recommended flight: 4:50 pm – 7:50 pm China Southern 6243

From Shanghai:

The train is more than 24 hours. Recommended flight: 4:15 pm- 6:40 pm Air China 1969