The Yangshuo Bike Festival

Highlights of the 2016 Yangshuo Bike festival

-the zither performance at our pre-ride G&T-sundowners on the roof our Daxue Homestay over looking the upper Li River.
-Daxue’s stunning Guilin mifen breakfast- followed by the mellow riverside ride in and out of the riverine bamboo forests.
-Beers in the  Li river at Xing Ping; beers in the Li River at the secret beach near Yangshuo; beers in the Yulong River  near Yangshuo, and beers in the Jinbao river near Gaotian and our Valle Luna Festival venue.
– The crafty (mifen) noodles picnic lunch along the  Yulong River.
– DJ Sing Sing’s funkadelic-indo-worldbeats-eclectica, and DJ Wu Ke’s campy 1980’s mood lifting  disco-de-wheels sessions… awesomely curated silent disco on a bicycle !!
– All the Gaotian village kids head banging with glow-sticks to Retrophaze –  and joining in the wild hair ( and wig dancing) in the old Valle Luna farm House terrace – deep in the Yangshuo countryside.
Terry Li’s braised sweet and sour ribs, pork-stuffed paddy-snails, beer fish, duck, eggplant, and those strange woody mushrooms – served up in the beautifully renovated old yellow brick village.

-“Horse Race” – a Mongolian folk song played on Arhu  by Yangshuo classical musicians as an appetiser to dinner terry Li’s stunning Chinese Bangquet-  and in delicious contrast to the rock anthems head banging musical desert of Retrophaze.

Riding Yulong Valley to the Thomposon Twins, Duran Duran, Nick Kershaw, Spandau Ballet….with DJ Wu Ke’s uncharacteristically camp but somehow very apt selection for the disco de wheels.

Lunch amidst the limestone karsts and old yellow mud brick village homes of the Outside Inn –  followed by a “Sunday Arvo session” – beers and unplugged guilt in the beautiful tea garden.